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About Charles 

All the funny with none of the hokey.


        Performed in close to 1,000 churches

        Travels more than 100,000 miles each year performing in over 100 churches

        Author of I'm Not Crazy, But I Might Be A Carrier. (Kregel

          Publications, Release date: 2008) and Shattering the Glass Slipper: 

          Destroying Fairy-Tale Thinking Before It Destroys You   

        Nationally syndicated Christian humor columnist. His column,

          Laughing Matters appears in more than a dozen states

        Contributing writer for Focus on the Family Magazine.

        Recorded Fully Animated, a popular DVD and CD which has been

          featured on cable television program and radio stations across the country.

        Performed for some of the country's top companies including Wells

          Fargo, The US Postal System, Equal Employment Opportunity

          Commission, and Daisy Outdoor    

        Featured guest on multiple Christian radio shows across the country

Charles Marshall is without a doubt one of the funniest and most original Christian comedians performing today. His material is clever enough to tickle the funny bone of the most demanding comedy fan, yet relatable enough for practically anyone to enjoy. Through his contagious humor, outrageous insight, and refreshing perspective, Charles effectively communicates the joy found in a relationship with the Lord.

What is his act like? Think of the observational humor of Jerry Seinfeld meeting the energy of Robin Williams and the warmth of Bill Cosby. With every performance Charles takes his audience on a comedic roller coaster ride, exploring every subject from product names, commercials and growing up, to dating and family life.

In addition to his reputation for excellence and originality, Charles is also known for his ability to produce roll-in-the-aisles humor while avoiding all vulgarities and obscenities. An upbeat comic, Charles also avoids all negative/insult humor in his program. He is adept at involving his audiences and an expert at finding the humor in the minutiae of life. He is truly a craftsman who tailors his concerts to meet the needs of his host for each occasion.

Charles attributes much of his popularity to his ability to provide an alternative to the blue humor of today's comics. "As I travel across the United States, I find that most people love comedy but don't want to have their ears burned with all of the vulgarity." 

With his contagious humor, outrageous insight, and refreshing perspective, Charles is becoming a major force in the comedy industry today. Without a doubt, Charles stands and delivers! 

"What I particularly enjoyed was the impromptu dialogues with [people] in the audience. Your quick wit and versatility were quite apparent. It is also apparent that you love the Lord and his people. Your rapport with our membership was instant."
Dr. Scott F. Kilgore
Executive Pastor

Living Hope Baptist Church
Bowling Green, KY


But Seriously Folks

Although known for looking at the lighter side of life, Charles is very serious about his relationship with the Lord. In 1983 he made the decision to follow Jesus while attending the University of Southern Mississippi. It was soon after his conversion that he sought to challenge others as he had been, taking opportunities to minister at churches in the surrounding area as well as on campus. His ministry continued upon his move to Atlanta in the mid-1980s.

With these years of experience behind him, Charles has mastered the art of combining a professional stage presence with the warmth that endears him to audiences. His hosts love him because he has a passion to encourage the believer while challenging the non-believer to explore a relationship with God. 

His appeal is a universal one, touching the hearts of young and old alike. A predominant reason for his success is the relativity of his insights to everyday life. His style is distinctive, original, and refreshing.


Punch Lines

Charles is a columnist for Ministry in Motion and a former humor columnist for On Course magazine (circulation 160,000).  His monthly ministry newsletter, Laughing Matters, reaches approximately 60,000 recipients worldwide.  Additionally he is the author of the motivational book, Shattering the Glass Slipper:  Destroying Fairy-Tale Thinking Before It Destroys You, which received a glowing review from Kirkus Discoveries and is available on this Web site and various major retail outlets nationwide.

Purchase this book now!


Need a Christian comedian? Call or e-mail our office at charles@charlesmarshallcomedy.com for fees and availability.
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